Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

More of a

test of graphics..which weren't really that good anyway...than a game
Too easy
Too long (6 laps?)
Nothing to work towards
Played very smoothly!

Setting the scene for a promising game really

Good, but with flaws.

Handling is an understatement, once you start pressing, it goes.
Colliding with the walls or the racers makes a very big juttering effect that is hard to come over, and these people will run into you.
Laps are hard to understand, most races only have three, but this has a lot. Also, the game is arbitrary to make the player lose, not that it's a bad thing, but sometimes, computers can become unbelievably faster.


nice proof of concept :)


wery smooth i mean WERY not often you pass trough one of these games
imo the handling was a biætch and it was wery hard 2 prodickt the next turns etc etc and that kinda pools it down a lot..

3d does not a fun game make

The coding for this is an achievment. The fact that I am playing this in flash is impressive. Everything else is not, I remember playing something very simliar that I had to install with like 4 floppy discs back in 95'.

The game itself is boring, the graphics are boring, the idea is boring. This is yet another example of something that should be a test run for coding some how being turned into a real game. If this was nothing more then an engine test for a better more interesting game this would make perfect sense. As a game however you are about 25 years late with this one heh.