Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"

Nice to look at...

This game's style reminded me a little of F-Zero. Very fast, very difficult turns. One flaw would be that the only way to overtake your opponents is to do a better job turning than they do.

Awesome, but only awesome...

This was a cool game, it could use more features though:
1) Normal Racing Game Features (checkpoints, speed pads, etc.)
2) Make a multilayer mode to race others online
3) Add feature to make custom tracks


The graphics are brilliant, the gameplay is a little dull and could do with some speed up pads or something, controls handled beautifully.


aint the best be nice if there was upgrades and armor you can buy to make car look cool and like account to log on and all that
paint your car multiplayer races? lol
but still fun for few plays
i won first time lawl

where are all the __________?

upgrades? jumps? customization? power-ups? more maps? outside graphics? different vehicles?
very plain...but for a plain game the graphics are alright.