Reviews for "Xenon Prime Racing"


nice little 3D game here, better than any other 3D game ive seen on this NG..


There have been other 3D games but this is only a little bit better. It seems to me like you just made this as fast as you could to make one of the first 3D racing games on Newgrounds. I liked it, but it's just another really basic racing game made into 3D.

The only problem I had with the game besides the simplicity is the handling. The handling is too slippery to be able to go at the speed of the leaders while managing to make turns without hitting the walls and bouncing off of them like a pinball. The steering is way too loose, you slide around and bounce off everything and whenever you try to make a turn you overdo it and bounce off the inside wall.

So changes you should make: Tighten the handling and add more tracks, cars, perhaps a tournament mode etc.

Pretty good

But not best racing game I have played...

reminds me of F-Zero

good game. The graphic style is excellent, especially for flash. But it does feel a little... empty.

That Was Fun

Really I enjoyed Playin This game But It Should Be Called Bumper Racers Because The Walls That You Always Run into bump you away and if you bounce at the Right Angle you will Bounce Back Into The Road Without even Turning Its a Really Cool trick
Note This is A Tip Use It