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Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"

Wow...Just Wow.

I have been looking everywhere for a copy of the original Doom, and you Delivered! This is one of the greatest horror games ever made! Get the other episodes please!


Despite the controls, the lack of everything, and stuff, the fact that this is only 2.4 MB and that flash could support it is amazing. I saw one game, Anagel or something like that, which was also in 3-D, and I thought that was revolutionary, but this game is the pico's school of modern flash.

Despite it just being a conversion, it does prove that now, flash can do a lot, and we could probably make FPS fully functional now, and maybe even more...


Still awesome though. I suck at this :\


Nahh just kidding man, you rule for doing this, I dont even care if there demos!
I Just cant belive Ive got to play doom again at all! O and the Nightmare mode was easy I kicked its Ass!!!....No not really I cant back that up... Great job man kudos!

How? How did yo udo this?