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Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"


you has won newgrounds, tom fulp shall hand it to you on a shiny platter.


great conversion dude, i have always wanted to play doom (reminds me of quake)

i love you

i rly do man, i....idfk how to express how happy i am!!! my father lost our snes and our DOOM cartridge and it pissed me off...i havent been able to play DOOM for years because of this, and i cant find a copy on emulators because its protected. some ppl may say its a crappy game, but i love DOOM more than any other game on the planet. thank you for converting it to flash even tho the kickass music is gone... :D

Absolutely amazing

Brings back some good memories. Just some great old school fun. A great pity that each game was only a demo, but nevertheless AWESOME.

wow just wow

this is like the only game i play lol it's amazing! =D