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Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"


thanx man its been a long time since i played doom 1 aaaahhh brings memories.....bring more games of the great past to the present it would b kool like i dont know street fighter but dont do it crappy lol anyways thanx for the game

Words cannot describe the pwnage-ness of this!

First there was nothing. Then there was Doom! And now there is Doom again! This is totally awesome man, and you will be remembered for this forever. Newgrounds should create an award dedicated to this: The Game Closest to Achieving the Awesomeness That is Doom 1 in Your Browser. The GCAATDYB! Yeah! Seriously though, this is a great piece of work. Keep it up!

amazing job

I love you for making Doom into flash but I had problems with TAB and the map.
You should make the map a different button.


This deserves a 10 fo syo hehe first i thought it was a movie but then i remebert how old games work :)

Ah, nostalgia!

If you liked the original Doom, you'll like this. It shouldn't even matter if you haven't played the original. Pure nostalgia that brings back many good memories. Definitely one of my favorite submissions on Newgrounds. And I must agree with everyone else, the lack of music is really the only downfall.