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Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"

old souvenir

a i remember this game and i still got it on snes and its the same is bring great souvenir to me thank you

Fantastic game

This is one of the most well-detailed games on this website. I had to update to Flash Player 10 to be able to play this game, but at least I have that out of the way now! The levels of difficulty are good, and this game has really created a big environment that gives its player plenty of space to move around, explore, and of course, shoot stuff. Truth be told, I never played "Doom" when I was a kid, but I am glad to be in an age where ordinary people can replicate and even update versions of their favorite video games. Thank you very much.


this is awsome, ive never played doom before, but this was really great, im glad u posted this :D


the only down side is that the two last enemies are too hard

hey uhhh

how do I escape the tab map ._. it wont let me!