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Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"


you my friend... are a GOD!

pretty awesome

now I can go on newgrounds and play my favortie game DOOM but I have a only suggestion that you can put a link if people wants to see you play but I kinda felt weird about watching you play, though

Good old Memories

My good old memories of sitting at a age of 7 playing doom after school.
Thanks for the experience =D
Must have been one hell of a project.

I loveses you!

Doom rocks. I miss these old games. Heretic! I used to play that game till my eyes bled! Wolfenstien would be awesome too. Or "Rise of the Triad". I haven't seen that game in ages. Talking about old games anyone remember Menzoberranzan?


If you had a childhood , u had a doom too. 10 !