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Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"

I can't believe it...

Doom 1? In flash? In real life? This is awesome! You're not Mike for nothing.

fuks sake

everyones gonna call me an idiot for this. i didnt know how to play or start the game and thought this was a flash movie and ended up watching the entire demo until i read the authors comments and found out what to do so good game

Now give me stargunner!

Ya know, there's nothing, really NOTHING that feels better to a boy (at least, nothing concerned on this type of website) than the feeling of an old friend like this running through your veins.

Shame that I never played this game. I would be very very grateful if you could do the same to stargunner.

Man, I am in love with crappy old games!!!!


Great port, but i would love to see you do Duke Nukem 3D, thats if gearbox/3d realms/whoever lets you :D


i love it