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Reviews for "Roger's Magic 8 Ball"

Agreed with Egoraptor

I agree with Egoraptor here.

No matter how some people do realize where exactly Roger must be to kick the ball back, it IS hard to realize that. It's not something as easy as placing Roger between the ball and the area behind him (and in my opinion, it should be like this), you have to figure out exactly where you'll be able to kick the ball back.

Other than that, great game.

FleckoGold responds:

I don't understand.



I pretty much disagree with everything egoraptor said.

I thought everything about the game was fun. All but the whole charge up thing ... I thought it was pretty pointless. I found the best strategy was just to mash the A button as much as possible when the ball came near you, seeing as how the hitbox for the ball was pretty ridiculous.

I found the characters that you hit to be funny, but for a shortwhile ... the explosions made no sense, making it even funnier. Not sure what everyone is complaining about, guess they just don't really know how to play games.

Keep up the good work! :)


nicely done, but.. i would play it more often if my mouse wasn't ADD,
and it was king of -scratch that- REALLY annoying when you hit the ball and it say you didn't. but for a gamer like me, that happens all the time. so nice idea and nice explosions - i really liked that- but make sure some how you make another one, make sure for the person to know where the ball is, allot of people were complaining about that.


Fun, nicely done. I have some issues, though.

People complain about not knowing where the ball needs to be in order to hit it. I too ran into this problem once or twice. If you need to view instructions for something like this that should be intuitive, you're doing it wrong. This is an issue that needs to be looked at.

The game is kind of dark and the ball is small and dark as well. I had a hard time tracking the ball most of the time, especially since the explosions are also huge. Breakout is a very exacting game and the fact that the blocks are people, while goofy and entertaining, makes the gameplay lack. I didn't know where I should hit, what I should aim for, and at times I was sure I hit one but realized, no, it just flew right through him.

The idea of the charge up kick is really nice and it works really well but I think everything else is done wrong. You should do some re-designing and design some more levels, too. I would suggest dropping the humans thing unless you can make the hitboxes a little more obvious.

FleckoGold responds:

I don't know how much more 'intuitive' I can make it. When the ball gets near you, you release the A button to kick it. People still complain, hence the ridiculously specific instructions. If you release a fully charged kick and it hits nothing, to come speeding back at you, that's a hazard, you should watch out for those.

I'm sorry I made an obviously challenging game. I should of made things like the popular games, like final fantasy, where it's impossible to lose and fills the user up with the feeling of "I'm a winner!" and makes them forget that they are living in their grandmother's basement. (I play final fantasy, lol) But I'll keep that in mind next time and stick to the mindless paddle.

I'll stop with the ranting while I realize I'm doing so. I admit that its not the best game in the world, but I'm doin' my best with what I'm learning in AS, so what else can I do?

As far as the targets being missed, I agree that it's frustrating. But it provides a few more seconds of game play! :D (Aim for their core and heads)

Thanks for the review!


It was fun

i played it and had a bit of difficulty at first, but then i read through the instructions the second time and tried and it was much easier... it was a tad difficlt at start but as soon as you got used to it it became pretty fun

FleckoGold responds:

Amen to that!