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Reviews for "Roger's Magic 8 Ball"

I liked it.

I didnt seem to run into any of the problems I have seen others haveing. It was fun the art was nice and the game was fun. What else do you need. =)

Good Game...But

This was a good game BUT to me it lacked one thing :/
For example it was really hard to kick the ball sometimes. the ball went between
my legs and i kept on losing you should of made it possible to kick with both legs.
But besides that it was a good game :)

Keep up the good work



Yes. At first it can be confusing where to try and hit the ball because you think he wouldnt be able to hit the ball unless it was on his right side but then i realize you can pretty much kick it as long as it is in front of him. The only difficulty I had the first few times I played it was that i kept hitting it really hard against the back wall and ultimately dooming myself.

I like the characters, especially the shivering white guy who you can tell, doesn't belong. Explosions and the ball was easy to track, after I got used to the difficulty (which is nice not to have every game glaringly easy) I wished there were more levels than just one.

Keep up the good work mang.


REally good game. I got to the last person but hit to hard and died. xD


cant go wrong with hc punk dude SICKKKKKKK!!!!!