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Reviews for "Roger's Magic 8 Ball"


Neat concept, but had way too annoying a time trying to guage when to let his kick swing to actually hit the ball. Missed like 5 times before I finally got the range and even then it was still a bit hit and miss... literally. Something like a little bar or something to show how far the ball needs to be to actually hit it would be nice.


I liked the power-up idea, but I really though that it should still bounce off your guy if you were there and not chargin up (Since it kinda sucked when you got to the ball but forgot to kick or something). Still let it go by if they're charging, but make him do an automatic weak kick if he's next to the ball and not charging his foot. Other than that, cool twist on a clasic game.


I love the concept of it
But its kinda difficult

I liked it

Art is cool, the music fits real well, and once you get used to the controls it's fine.

To be fair, he did put the big blue hitbox into the instructions, once I re-read them and saw that the game because much clearer and more fun.

Fun game

I really like breakout and I really like whole "kick" element, but it seems you might need to fine-tune it. There were a couple instances where the character animation would freeze and so I wasn't able to figure the power of the kick and many times when I would go to the max power of kicking the leg would lock in place waiting for me to hit "a" again to make the kick. Actually would be a cool aspect but I'm thinking he should be kicking everytime I lift my finger off of the button thus screwing up my timing with the 8 ball.

Overall its a fun game and, aside from those glitches or whatnot, I really have no gripe with it. Could get really interesting if you threw power-ups in this. With this all being to kick the ball I could imagine some really imaginative power-ups.