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Reviews for "Roger's Magic 8 Ball"

im sure its not only me,

its extremely hard to hit the ball.

quite cool

it's a bit hard to hit the ball
i tried a few times to get the range
and when the ball bounce back form the wall
it gets really fast and i miss lol
it's fun to play
a cool breakout game


umm i think maybe it could be that im stupid and i just dont get it or that it just wasnt working either way i could not even play the game. i understand that you use A to charge but it didnt do anything for me


I am very, very happy with this game. My only qualm with it (aside from semi-lackluster graphics) is the clipping. It's really hard to tell whether or not it's going to hit, so maybe give us some visual indication. Or at least, a better indication.

Also, found the music strangely appealing, although I never go for that kind of thrash shit.




cool breakout game... but its too hard to hit the ball..-.-