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Reviews for "Tactical Assasin : sub :"

it was ......

ok, couldnt do it tho, i hate that knife part man you should take it out its soo bloody annoying lol

awesome game tho i love the tactical assassin series

I like it!!!

Sniping out people is always the funnest, and I like the different scopes *L* Good job!



good game

i liked the variation with the knife attacks.

i agree to disagree

everyone is bithing about the knife missionbeing hard, well suck it up.. it only took my 2-3 tries for each guy to get it right it's all timing and watching the pattern, sure the first time through my score was in the negitives but the second time it was much better. For people crying about the score going down as you wait, that's why there are easter eggs for you to shot at on eat level.. i.e the beer bottle and the bird on the fence. (mind you they don't help enough with the score to make it really worth while to shoot them) for people complaining about he horse race mission, common, use a little common sense... hmm could it be the guy with the body guards on either side of him.. YES!....I agree it was a little short and i miss the cause and effect missions were the order of killing/shots is important but at least it was a little deversion from my day for 10 minutes. I am curious about the cheat code though and what effect they have..