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Reviews for "Tactical Assasin : sub :"

It's not that it was bad

It just lost a bit too much complexity. Sure, it was fun, I'll give it that, and the storyline was believable enough to keep it at least a little interesting. The blue layout was pretty cool actually, I liked it. I liked the choice in crosshairs, and the knife part really wasn't bad. The find the "protected" guy was a little hard, well, hard to point out the protected guy, but it only took a few tries. I agree with some people, that you shouldn't have put a timed score, or at least not so harsh, but it wasn't really about score was it? As you said, it was a fun version, and frankly, it was. Just bring back...something, sorry, but I'm not quite sure what that something is. Anyway, sorry for not helping too much, but it really was just a simple, fun game. Keep em coming

awesome, but

the only thing i would change would be the knife sequence. i think it would be better if the knife parts responded to the mouse being moved up and down rather than waiting for it to hit it perfectly, you know? just like aiming the sniping gun, only you're aiming the knife slash. otherwise, great job.

It's good

Although there are some parts that I like better in TA2, it's still a great game, hope you continue the series.

pretty cool

I liked it.The only reason I could think nobody would like the knife part is because they're afraid of a little challenge.Cool game.

My only complaints are:not enough weapons and it was a little short

Inferior to TA2

I'm terribly sorry, but the cons of this game far outnumber the pros.

Con A: Missions were too short and unexciting
Con B: KNIFE MISSION. Oh my fucking god. That was the most frustrating thing I've ever done. It's actually quite unrealistic and far too difficult. I must have tried 14 times on guard #2 and 18 on #3 before rage quitting.
Con C: No difference in weapons, abilities etc. more simplistic then TA2.

Pro A: At least the graphics and sound were good.

It's terribly sad that the game was simply too frustrating too complete.