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Reviews for "Tactical Assasin : sub :"

Alot better than last time.

What awesome improvements u made. I really liked this one. U have made a fan of ur game style. Killing people is alot more thinking now I do like the new look.

good game

any other sniper games only have shooting but in this one u get to kill people with knifes and other weapons but good job

Err... No.

It would be nice. Maybe I would finnish it if it wasn't for that bloody knife part. I agree with others - if we wanted to slash n' stab we would play something else. Otherwise it was OK. I think the gameplay is better now.


Great game, but the knife part was bloody hell!


may i suggest a helpful hint? well, how about in your next game, you make it so that the knifing game is about running up to the guys and hitting them before they shoot you, or just getting rid of the knife crap comletely, that would be better.