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Reviews for "Tactical Assasin : sub :"

knife part was gay >_<

I actually kind of liked the sniper parts.. wish they had been a bit more challenging but a couple missions up you have a knife to some guys head and if you don't click at the right time (dam near impossible) then you die it's retarded and should be removed from the game

it couldve been better

hydraliskelite was wright in a way, this game isnt good enough, u should have made TA2 and this put together, then i wouldve given it a 10, mainly because it just isnt good enough.

not the best but still great

This game is great i like how u went back to the same style as the first one. But there were a few things that prevented this from getting a 10. it is a little short. I dont like the highscore system. The knife mission is kindof annoying. But other than that this game is fantastic cant wait for the next

not as good

Waaaaaay to short! I beat it in like 3 minutes! Fun but way to short


I've voted 10's across the board on your other TA games, but this is just sad. 647kbs? that's half the others, making it almost half as good. Unfortunately, TA is no longer my favorite flash.