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Reviews for "Tactical Assasin : sub :"

it was OK

but it would have been better if there was gun upgrades and ammunition, the knife level was a nice touch, but it needs to be a bit more in depth.

Nothing special.

I can tell that this was rushed to get some quick cash from Crazymonkeygames. It's pretty slow in the Frames Per Second (FPS) count, and a lot of the artwork doesn't have any detail, or is just simple in terms. The main menu and briefing screens weren't the best, as they looked as if they just slapped together to make an impression. Customization was totally left out as well (since everyone likes it overall).

The missions were pretty small, and looked lazily slapped together, as it took you over a year for Tactical Assassin 2 to come out, but this is your second submission this year, I don't think that you've been working on this for that long though (with WEAPON and all). The scope style wasn't fun, besides, the best scope wasn't made by you (someone else contributed to the game this time as well).

All in all, it's nothing special. Again, it looks like you had shallow pockets and needed some cash flow on your end. The blue style of it really looked cheap, since Blueshift (A Diseased Productions Flash Game) has the exact same Blue Style, except for it pulled it off way better then this.

Good luck on WEAPON, though.

Great Game

I would like to say that this is a nice and original concept regarding gameplay and storyflow. The story was very interesting and definitely added well to the game. The gameplay and difficulty of the levels was well thought out and very enjoyable to play.

Overall well done on a great game!


its good but da knife mission is hard 10/10

great game

this was awesome