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Reviews for "Tactical Assasin : sub :"



Horses level

It says to look for thae man that looks like he is BEINB protected.

Also, the game is ok, but the knife part is too long and buggy. The missions are easy enough that i dont even have to try.


Knife part. It's buggy and takes to long..... Who the hell stabs people in the head?


A pretty great game, but I have to agree with DHkid: this game is pretty easy. If they make a fourth game, they should definitely ramp up the difficulty to Clear Vision levels.

Too easy and donsen't stand to other sniper games

This is a good sniping game, that I wish was harder. Cleer Vision, Sift Heads, The Witness and all the others, are harder, funner experiences. The gameplay is just too easy, yes fun, but my 2 year old cousen could complete this. Any way if your looking for a harder, more dynamic sniping game, play Cleer Vision 1 or 2, I recommend it!