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Reviews for "Tactical Assasin : sub :"


I have nothing to complain about, I even liked the knife mission. The animations are really well done, and I feel confortable with the difficulty level. Maybe is a little too much to ask, but it would be great to have more games like these.
An overall solid game and enjoyable.

Solid game but....

It was too easy and too much like all the other sniper games out there but i liked how you tried to be original by adding a knife minigame even tho it didnt make any sense to click once in the "KILL ZONE" to kill somebody


this is a beautiful game. no complaints. I love the mission variety.

-the horse race mission was too obvious

no other problems that I noticed, although the last mission takes a few tried because you have to know exactly where the guy is going to pop out, so that hurts your final score.


Please get yourself an artist or something this game would be ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of awesomeness if it had some original looking characters and not lame stick mans. Other then that this is a completely enjoyable game, I myself gave up at the knife part but was entertained enough beforehand for a 9er.

That damn knife

the knife minigame threw it off, but other than that it was a great solid simple game.

i do wish it was a bit more challenging to find the target though.