Reviews for "FW:"


It'd be good if there was more actual combat and less of the main guy just killing everyone else. The special effects were good though keep it up.


OK...were to start.....well you had great animation i can tell you really worked on that it was really smooth...second the music went very well the the action...and finally just the shear esculation you had with the weaponry and ending with a sniper shooting himself...priceless....if you keep up this lvl of animation you could make a series worthy of a huge fan base.....

P.S. well i do have one gripe.....please make a great story if you continue please...


you already know how amazing this is, so let me just tell you what i would like to see in the future.

i think the video would have been easier for a simple minded viewer such as myself if the enemies were a different color

and if the video was longer, i could enjoy it for a longer time =)

great video though! keep them coming!

Ace0fredspades responds:

different colour will not fit the style (it's dark) and I can't make it longer even this movie were compilled for an hour...

I love stick people.

This was an awesome movie. The only thing keeping it from a ten is that the eyes of the guy kind of threw me off.

Ace0fredspades responds:

thank you so much!


thhis movie suked animator s animation is the best stick movie this movie was total crap i tell u crap it was awful you cant block bullets with a kantina i was bull crap