Reviews for "FW:"


On one hand the action was incoherent, on the other this has to be one of the most spectacular stickman movies I've seen. Good stuff.

Amazing Stuff

Awesome hand -drawn effects my friend

LOL wow.

Boy, I gotta say I was doubtful when I read the reviews. I didn't think a stick fighting movie could be so cool. I was wrong. Your effects were some of the most amazing hand-drawn effects I've ever seen. I'm awed, my friend, and I will definitely check out your other videos. Keep up the good work.

Awesome but no stickman

Its an amazing flash, espically from the effects and change in background the details were brilliant. Try putting this into your people instead of stickmen.

Make another one!!!

YOU better make another one of these and very fast, because if you don't i will be very mad at you and hunt you down >:)