Reviews for "FW:"

Can I

pls give u more than five points?

Very entertaining.

That was pretty incredible. It would be nice if you had a movie with an actual story and fight scenes like that every now and then.
Anyway, very entertaining.

pretty cool

It was pretty cool to watch my personal favorite part was at the end when the guy stuck the sniper in front of his own shot haha that was sweet

lmao sweet ;D

Besides from a few jumpy frames (wasnt lag) it was REALLY good ;D. If you could of made the main guy a diff colour or put a headband on him to make him stand out, it would of been better too.

Here's the thing with stick movies

They're constantly at a 2D angle, so you can't really mess around with angles and such. Overall it was kinda boring to watch, although very well made and pretty stylish.

Nothing new but some people will love it. Not my thing personally

Keep animating broski!