Reviews for "FW:"

is it wrong 2 love ?

dude love ur work!!!!
it better then RW ( i thaught it called )
u got slow motion style in it and that sh!t is awesum =)

horraaayyy ^.^
for yuw =)

no words

i cant say anything just u get 10 and 5


is pretty awesome, is the best environment destruction movie i ever saw, and has the best use of bullets and shoots on a stick fight ever, also one of the best animated and best graphics... all the effects are just awesome
is a masterpiece in the 'sticky style'
keep doing more plz =D


things that happens are original, the magics are cool, the kills are brilliant the animation is really good. One of the best stick movies I had ever seen.


No stick men fight has ever looked like this. It's pure genious. Everything. Congratulations.