Reviews for "FW:"

:O Good work

I liked the special effects, great work, just when you draw ur sticks, put the smoother up higher, they were really pixelated and choppy (even on high quality)


i watched this thing for a couple of times and its still very cool not boring

Wow. That's interesting.

To the guy that I think is two below:
What? You don't like stick fight movies? 'Cause that's how they go. The ratings people give have to be relative to the category that the submission is in.

To the author:
That is a lot of special effects. And several times the sword pops out of nowhere, or teleports to his hand. Shouldn't this sort of "magic" tire him out? He seems like some sort of demigod, with amazing death magic and no exertion.


Congrats man! this is like the best i've ever seen!!...funny how its not as famous as in DA T_T


This movie deserves no were near the 4.25 is currently has, the animation itself was fairly bad and the art left a lot to be desired. The only reason this animation got the score it did was because of the over-done special effects you added (which in my eyes could have improved a lot).