Reviews for "FW:"

Almost decent..

1. In Author Comments you made a spelling mistake at" Music credits are in info part so questions like "woah whosh track iz dat?" will be simply ignored." You should Say: will simply be ignored.. ( >:D )
2. The graphic was okay.. No story or anything. There always is a little bit story in fights. But this didnt have any. Didnt make since and just a guy killing everything.. I voted 2 and 3..


stick with high quality and cool things...perfectiness

for the ending alone...

I would give you a 10.

Overall, I wish I could rate you higher.

Very unique battle sequences. I loved the originality.


Ace0fredspades responds:

thanx really much! I'm reaally glad you like it!

great movie.

it is the best stick movie i have see in a long time. make more kick ass movies.

friggin sick

awesome movie, it would also make it better if there was an enemy equal to him or if he was resourceful(using others weapons or smartnes) . other than that friggin sick ending. all my 10 are belong to this