Reviews for "FW:"

hey ace, what's going on :>

Pretty epic. Lol 109 reviews?
You're at 312, and as long as this is on the front page, that'll just keep on rising...

This was really good. But usually when i review something, i note the flaws, not to be an asshole, but so those same flaws don't continue. Oh yeah, that's called constructive criticism.

So here it is: the thing i noticed right away that really took away from the epicness of your main character was the wobblyness. You know, like when you redraw a stick, but not in the exact place you wanted it to be, and then when you play it, it's like... vibrating(?) or something.

Secondly, i personally didn't like the eyes you put on your main. It made him look kinda silly whereas his fighting make him look like more of a silent serious epic. That's just an opinion thing, though. Oh, and it's not a negative, either. Adds style :>

I'd like to add that your smoke effects were amazing. Blur was used often but not overused so that it started looking strange to the eyes. And glow was used in the right places, too.

Good job :>


Not too shabby.

The effects were pretty cool, and you had some good ideas for which to include. However, your execution of these effects needs some work. Your framerate seems to be around 18-24 fps, but your effects look like they were meant for 12 fps. I know this is a pretty popular facade among stick animators, and I'm not saying it doesn't work here... Just practice double-framing.

Character animation-- It definitely needs a lot of work. I know sticks aren't considered "characters" by the animation community at large, but the way the sticks held the guns was very awkward at times. I like the "design" of the sticks, and their awkwardness has an admirable quality about it.

You have a pretty unique style, just practice some of the aforementioned!

Well done, man. 9/10 (4/5)


That was intense!
Non stop action the whole way through, I absolutely loved it.
Great use of slo-mo techniques, and some awesome stick action.
I really like some of the skills that guy had; the sword spinning, making a guy shoot himself, super speed etc.

Fucking awesome movie, best stick fight I've ever seen. Well done, this was brilliant.

5'd, and fav'd. Nice.


i couldn't stop watching

liked this one

Well deserving of its place. The stick having god powers idea isnt that origonal, however, you pulled it off well. I hope to see more of this ASAP :D