Reviews for "Brackenwood: The Game"

Interesting idea...

...but it's broken. Not only is it FAR too hard for the average player, but after finally getting to the final stage and managing to get through without hitting anything, I was told I'd failed. I repeated the stage to check I hadn't accidentally hit something, but no - you simply get to the end of the stage (when all the blocks have disappeared) and you automatically fail.

Anyway, it's an interesting idea and I liked the challenge of learning the block positions and timing, but it's a shame you can't complete it and I imagine the majority of players will be extremely annoyed with the difficulty.

Kwing responds:

In the last level, you need to be perceptive. Ever notice how the 3 Waterlollies you jump over vanish as you jump over them? Huge hint: When you clear the 3rd one, jump over Bigfoot and go back left.


It was interesting in concept and all, but was just way way too difficult. I couldn't get passed the first section at all. Try and make the game a little more doable.

Kwing responds:

Thanks! I do agree that it was very hard. What you want to do is jump just as you're about to hit the first Waterlolly, clear that and land safely, and jump again without breaking pace. As soon as you pass up Fatsack, you win.

Not Brackenwood at all

A recolored Sonic sprite just doesn't do the job. Also this game lacks vital components like a story (doesn't have to be elaborate)

Kwing responds:

Perhaps you don't realize just HOW MUCH work went into recoloring it... As cheesy as it sounds, it must have taken at least a couple hours, and on top of that, I had to experiment with a couple scripts and especially the Waterlolly graphic.

Sprites were nicely done up!

I give you high credits for making the sprites done out, looking very nice and not at all hazy!

But i would perhaps want a scoring and a high score to perfect it, so we know how well or badly we fare!!

Kwing responds:

Thanks for the suggestion! Perhaps I could have implemented a chart for how many deaths you had. Sorry about there being no preloader as well!