Reviews for "Brackenwood: The Game"

good but...

what are the white things?

Kwing responds:



I liked it! It's hard and pretty fun too. I like platformers and while may not be Exactly a platformer it was defenatly hard like one! eventually once you get the rythm of moving in the game catching everything is a breeze! is there a second one?

Kwing responds:

Nope. I'm really surprised you liked this!

I guess most people weren't expecting a puzzle platformer when they found this game.


This just isn't very fun... the jumping mechanic was frustrating because the sensitivity is ridiculous. You should smooth out Bitey's movements and reduce the hitbox of the obstacles because they're hard to go by with the bad control. You had to land your character very slowly to proceed wich broke the pace alot and I didn't feel the as if I had Bitey's speed.

The concept was great with Bitey as sonic ( that's where you got your points), but the mechanics are not quite right. What I wana see...What we all want to see is a game where you can feel Bitey's unstoppable speed. I know you tried to make this a puzzle patern game, but it's just not very appealing... the pace was broken and it was a big let down. I CALL REMAKE!

Kwing responds:

I have a new platform engine. If I chose to remake this it would probably be loads better. I like how you addressed the way the gameplay was out of place... Because it really is. People that complained about the gameplay really ticked me off. I'm too busy with other projects to focus on an old piece of shit like this, though... Even if it would get lots of views.

why u give so little scores?

This game is pretty hard but very good. but those things what i have to catch is a bit too fast

Kwing responds:

Because it's hard. :P

Am uninpressed

It says failure if I hold for too long. It says failure if I hit a water lollie, and there are so many waterlollies that if you don't stop and carefully gague each and every step, you end up failing. There is no way to win here. Perhaps if you attempt to make it a little more interesting. Music, perhaps make it so you can take time to really scope it out.. or if the water-lotties are damaging, make it so they do not "fail" instantly. Just some suggestions. For example, make them have a life meter- they slow you down, but you can earn "health" points.

Kwing responds:

This game is supposed to be more of a puzzle than a game where you run blindly through and do your "best" not to hit anything. You need to sprint through the level AND FAIL several times before you can memorize the patterns and get the hang of the timing. I made only a few levels, so each one is pretty hard.