Reviews for "Brackenwood: The Game"

im sorry

im sorry but it does have the same-ish feel as sonic.. because of the character build, im giving you a four because i absolutly love the Brackenwood series and this was a good try

Kwing responds:

Thanks, it probably doesn't deserve a 4. -L-

IT sucked

the waterlily things are annoying and the sprite looked to much like sonic it should have his own design

Kwing responds:

Your dangling things are annoying and your Sprite can looks too much like piss; it should have its own design.

you dont have to put everything on newgrounds

if you make a game, and its not fun, or at the very least original, why share it with the world
my suggestion is to make really smooth and fast paced and less frustrating so people can atleast say it was sorta fun

Kwing responds:

I put things up on Newgrounds for feedback. If I uploaded this to Spam the Web it would disappear forever into the abyss of endless uploads they handle daily. Here, I know that at least 200 people play every game I make and I'm guaranteed at least a few reviews for my work. Recognition is everything.

Your suggestion about smooth movement is already being worked on; I created a platform engine for Hoverman Racing that you might find better, although the game is pretty hard in its own. I'm working to improve some of the hitTest on my later games.


Such a great video series at least deserves its own character, not just a re-painted sonic!

Kwing responds:

I don't think so. The Brackenwood series was actually pretty crappy if you ask me; I just made this because I was messing around with sprites.

not very good

too many bad discs
is it meant to be like sonic (reply)
and make a second it was okay but there's alot of impovements needed
i.e. fights or summin or mods like crush discs or go tiny or o so fast you can run through discs or invincibility or even fly
if my ideas are used please give me credit

Kwing responds:

I've never even played Sonic. Hell, I was never into the classic video games at all! Nope, this game is staying how it is, it won't change, and it's run into the dirt. I'm working on different projects now.