Reviews for "Brackenwood: The Game"

WTF, Sonic fell in some poo?

It keeps saying failure, if I stand still too long, and the "Bitey" sprite looks like you coloured a Sonic the Hedghog Sprite brown.

Kwing responds:

That's because you suck. You're supposed to chase the little things around, and you can't let them get away. Dumbass.

gets what it puts out...

little to no originality... colored spites which is not hard to do at all less your lazy. No music playing during game play, lvls to short and to few not to mention slightly frustrating. all you did was steal Brackenwoods name and slap it on your sad attempt at a game...

you would have gotten all 0's if you hadn't taken then name...my advise. if your gana waste your time to make a game and want positive feedback, come up with your own ideas and put some work into them.

bad games get bad feedback, live with it...

Kwing responds:

There was music... It was just ambient and quiet. I don't want positive feedback; I want constructive feedback. I have, at the moment, 80 submissions and not all of them are good.

I'm trying to muscle my way into the top uploaders' section without submitting ANY spam. While this isn't very good, it also isn't spam, either. The graphics may not be top notch, but that's not my strong suit. I've tried to get FazzleMan to help me out with some of them, but he is both lazy and incompetent.

This is old and stupid. I was young and stupid. Deal with it.

Yeah, not so good

This could have been better. Way too many waterlollies.

Kwing responds:

It's not a racing game like it looks like. It's a puzzle game. Study patterns and remember what to do.


im sorry this game is just a waste of time. and the reason ppl play it is because the movies are good!

Kwing responds:

If this is a waste of time than so is every other Flash game on Newgrounds. C'mon man, this submission sucks but at least make your reviews better.

im sorry

im sorry but it does have the same-ish feel as sonic.. because of the character build, im giving you a four because i absolutly love the Brackenwood series and this was a good try

Kwing responds:

Thanks, it probably doesn't deserve a 4. -L-