Reviews for "Brackenwood: The Game"

it was noble but simplistic

its like the retard at school than everyone else but you likes

Kwing responds:

Huh? I don't quite get what you're trying to say.

It did it's job

I liked it alot, and I dont normally play games. I didnt ever make it past the first level,and my hand hurts now, but it did it's job-distracting me from my homework lol Great job!

Kwing responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Read some other comments for assistance on how to better complete the game.


dificult to the point of Xing out

i know everyone has said it too hard, and it is, but if you manage to get past the first few parts in the first level you get to one that you cant fit though or get over because the hittest seems to be too big. i think you need to put a lot more planing into your level design before you submit another one. also it was like at the beginning of the second level it was perfectly spaced out to be impossible to make the jump without slowing past the big "=" part and if you do slow down the level is so short after that that you have no chance of catching the black sphere. so yah put alot more thought into level design.

Kwing responds:

It's possible! You just have to wait until you get right before the Waterlolly and then jump, so that by the time you rise up to the part where you would hit the top roof, you've already cleared the = area.


Sonic sprites

Kwing responds:

LOL. Useless review.

mad hard

nice little sopnic/bitey guy, but there are way too many water lollies. Maybe if you gave bitey a health bar or something so he doesn't die just by touching one water lollie.

Kwing responds:

I didn't because I wanted to make the game more about timing, memorization, trial/error, or puzzle. If I put a health bar, it would lose some of the substance I intended it to be. (Although I wanted it to originally decrease his speed)