Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"


if the file size is acurate then this is only 10kb! for that, this is a great game.


Life is basically an ad the game owned but ads mucked it up

rubbish camera, anoyin controls, ok game

its ok, levels got repetitive... i got birdie on every hole up to hole nine, then i got bored and messed about....

i got anoyd tryin to use my touchpad on laptop to scroll, as for some reason the game would pause? gt really anoying, dont autopause, you dont need it.....

plus theres way too much advertisin crap in here!

Ads are not games

Why is this even here? This is a fancy equivelent of the "hit this button to beat up mike tyson and win a ring tone" flash ads. Great you made a very basic golf game and stuck ads in everywhere you could. BLAM !!!

i give a 3

this game is BAD 1: NO ADS IN GAMES I HATE THAT!!!!! 2: ok ummm first 3 holes were ggood the camrea SUCKED and the rome lv the camera wouldnt even move. 3: Since when does a brige move? 4: what kinda of mini golf doesnt have a mulitplayer 5: Oh boy i gotta hole in one i getta free dvd player all i gotta do is give them my email and soul >:(! 6: It just sucked man 7: on the 2 nd eyptyin lv the one with the spinning pyrmid Shouldnt your ball go up a slope evn if its spining 8: ( you can notice these bad reason go on and on) yea.... i gotta par once and it says i gotta bride i wasnt mad its just that shouldnt happen. ~ Zapior