Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"


The camera was poor, but aside from that it's an okay game, except for one thing.

I don't want to play advertisements.


Annoying camera, sucky controls, lousy physics....

Simply wasn't fun at all.


ok, not really a shitstorm, but the camera and the overall controls really sucked. the level design was intuitive, but the controls and playability wasnt there. next time finish the game before you polish it up and publish it. which by the looks of it, you ran out of polish.

I can't believe this gets a low score

this is an awesome minigolf game. it started lagging in one hole but that was because I accidentally right-clicked. it's really good and the camera system is ok, I just sometimes get confused with left or right, but since it isn't timed that doesn't matter.


ok what the hell is this?

First the music; omgstfu, wheres the goddam mute button?!
2) graphics - my Tandy 1800 from 1989 had better graphics; this thing looks like something you'd turn into your teacher for cmps 201 in college to skate by with a C average
3. what ... the hell is with all the tie ins? is there actually a company out there that is willing to put their name on this?
4. Physics; go learn yourself a book
5. possesed camara, nuff said
6. zoom - let me zoom the fuck out so i can at least "see" the hole im shooting for; also, if i hit terms and conditions one more fricken time cause im trying to go full power, im gonna scream

all in all, this game sucks, and i approve this message