Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"

Bahh too many Add's

The start is too slow, we wait a lot of time before we can play the game. The add's and the contest when we unlock the challenge it's just for receiving spam nothing else.
For last the bugs... the ball when through a stone in one of the levels, the ball hits objects when we cleary see tha it can go through...

yaa... not front page imo.

it had potential i played all 18, alot of the times the boundaries would show through the ground infront of you if you had the camera low enough, the camera was also very hard to maneuver. you have these impossible achievements on the right side and there's just no way someone would be capable of any of it.. holes that go in and come back to another location we're difficult.. they would travel backwards and probrably end up back to where i started, if not worst.

i really don't get that.. if you're on a real miniature golf course and you hit it in a hole, it travels through a tube and pops out at an exact angle, but with this game depending on how you hit it through the whole it will travel in that direction out.. no scratch that, the opposite direction out most of the time. so i'd have to bank it in from behind for it to move foward out the proceeding hole and that just doesn't make sense to me.

ill give you a 5, luck its not lower.

Could Have been better 2?

The art work could have been better,not to mention the annoying adds in the game...
I found that the zoom hanged and so was the rotate function..

It could have been better if the art work was done better & also the Adds have to be removed...it was too annoying...and a tournament/ free play mode would have been Great as well...

anyway,nice try...

could be better

The controls for this game are very wonky, the camera is glitchy at best, and horrible at worst. The mouse click and drag bit was ok, , work on it a lot, and this game could be a lot better.

Some people are so harsh

I always love a good mini-golf game. I haven't seen a mini golf game done in flash before, so that's a plus. I even got a bunch of birdies and was entered into some of their contests, so that's a plus, too.

To everyone complaining that Newgrounds is a free site and that there should be no advertising - stop whining. It's free to YOU, NOT to Newgrounds. I even heard that the costs are so high for this site that they could buy a Porsche every week with the server costs. Newgrounds probably gets money from this game, and we get free entries into contests for a nice bunch of prizes just for seeing a few advertisements in the corners. Stop the complaining. Not everything in life is free.