Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"


This would've been better if I had a faster computer. It seemed a little weird, but it was ok. I'd play other golf games than this. Maybe 12 holes of Christmas. That game is better and this game was to much like a luxeryes Paris song. So for those who hate this game, you would rather play 12 holes of Christmas.

umm okay?

must have been wors game I've played for a while.
it just sucks. The graphics were horrible and the gameplay sucked aswell.
and yes, why it is filled with commercials?! one thing i hate is when that shit gets to flahes in internet. it was like only media that hasn't been corrupted yet.
plz keep it that way =)
and please every1 of ya who have even thought of playing this, PLS DONT!
dont waste your time playing this...
it was similliar to wanking, at the end i realised i've just fucked my self. only i had no pleasure ;D
rly just crappy game

Wow. Just wow.

This file is not even a game. Tried to complete each motion with the mouse. Clicking and dragging did nothing to let me play the game.

A usability nightmare. Stay away.


I've always said graphics don't make the game, and this is a prime example of why. NO GAME PLAY! sure it looks neat, but at the cost of performance, bugs, horrible gameplay, entertainment, frame rate, and anything else that slightly resembles a decent game.

But don't let these reviews get you down. Just next time put more thought into what makes a game, rather than just graphics, you'll get a better rating.


I see you've put a lot of effort into the graphics of the courses themselves. But the gameplay doesn't seem all that well thought out. Every time I tried to zoom in, the game paused because the scroll made the screen move. The scenes were reproduced. The background music was irritating. The power gradient was unappealing.

Sorry, but I can't give this any more than a 2.