Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"


i can't see any bugs, no idea why all the other users have so many problems. i like the game, i finish it with +10, not good, i know, but it was fun. i really like the cars which drive in some levels around and push the ball away. :) great idea. u could do the camera controls i bit smoother, i better not say which standart i be used to and which game is liable therefor ... tehe ... so ... the music was also good. i better leave now, byebye

nice graphics

i have to say that the graphiccs and art work is great.
i finished the hole game. there's a lot of problems.
you have to fix all the bugs in the game, there was a level in which
i couldn't fall to a first hole from a specific posotion, to get to the second
these and other bugs made the gameplay a little bit annoying.
that's why i gave 6

Apparently i failed...

The graphics are cool, but i failed a hole and got caught in a loop where i wasn't able to play the other holes... it just said i failed them all..... too many bugs


Holes that make no sense, alot of control problems. Bugs. Was fun for like the first hole, but when trying to move the camera and zoom in and Out i encountered a lot of problems that just ended in me wasting a stroke. Overall, not a game i'd play again.

Sorry, can't support this

It just plain doesn't work correctly, I've gone out of bounds and it expected me to play from there, it gave me an achievment of Par when I went over on a hole, and the controls are kinda wonky for what you've got, the camera really needs to be adjustable too, because I spent 4 shots just trying to see what was around a pillar to get to the hole