Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"

Nice graphics but tons o bugs

If there were no bugs, this game whoukd be peace of cake. The first bug is that after lvl 16, more than one ball appear. On level 18 you can not fall through the first hole.

Graphics were amazing

Graphics were amazing, could probablty work slightly more on playability/phsics but other then that it's great.

It's great!

This game is really fun.
I love the 3D look.
Most 3D flash game's have really bad quality or camara movement.
This game beat's most of them.
I loved playing it, even if I didn't win.
I hope you make more games like this.


This was very well done, the graphics were very good and it was all clearly and profesionally layed out.

the only neg i had was all the advertising and such inbetween gaming screens kinda cluttered it up, but other than that nice game.