Reviews for "The Necronomicon 2.0"

great minus 1 thing

it was simple to pick up and learn, how ever, i HATE (make that font 96, bold and underlined) building up to a high level, losing 1 time, and it is over. start from ground zero. i made it up to rank 9... before finally getting beat. after putting in all that effort to get to that point in the game.... it is not doing again. either put in save point, reduction in rank if defeated, something to help the player press on. solid idea for a game, a few minor tweeks will make this game really shine.

Plowking74 responds:

Hi, thanks for the review and score. And same to everyone here who's rated.
Loading the game should work. There's a load game option on the main menu. The level number you're on is displayed in the opponents section.


The number of different cards is great. I suppose the library could be expanded a little bit, but it is better than having hundreds of cards to deal with. The game is much easier to pick up and enjoy this way.

What I'd like to see changed, however, are insanity penalties. I want to see punishments that reflect insanity; not being in full control of your moves. The penalty that only lets you choose from 2 cards is good, but I'd like to see others, such as not being able to read your cards every other turn or for X turns, skipping turns, or generating random values for cards you play.


The studies of the Necronomicon and Cthulhu mythos are my life and you have provided a great game of it to newgrounds thank you!

Best Card Game Man!

Love The Art and Strategy!!!, But there is something i just got to take it out!, i really like the oldest cards, thoose you did in the first Necromonicon, THOOSE WERE VERY ARTISTICS, THE END THIS HIS A GOOD CARD GAME!

not bad

pretty neat little game