Reviews for "The Necronomicon 2.0"

Now that I've finally beaten the main part

I can give you a review. It's a great game overall. The AI is good enough to be challenging, but it does have its stupid moments. I definitely enjoy balancing health and sanity in my strategy. I'll be hoping for 3.0 with maybe more cards and better AI?

fun game, with some problems

I've been enjoying the first version of this game for a long time now, and am pleased to have found this improved version :-) It's great fun, and the lovecraftian theme taps into the player's memories of HPL's many stories.

There are some problems, however. First, there is a bug affecting the scores page (screenshot here):
http://www.ciar.org/ttk/public/bug.20 10-06-12.2248.png

Second, the opponent AI is pretty abyssmal. It plays creature cards while xenophobic, plays manuscript cards while schizophrenic, and plays light damage cards when the player's creature's counterstroke will kill it. It shouldn't be hard to detect these conditions and refrain from playing useless or counterproductive cards.

These problems will not stop me from playing and enjoying the game, of course :-) two big thumbs up for Necronomicon 2.0!


Have been playing this for Days.. 2 year old game be nice if there was an update or a 3.0 soon
Only complaint, seemed the 21-30 levels were much easier than the first 20, I've beat the game several times now, needs a difficulty increase

This is a fun and awesome game!

The game mechanics are very easy to understand and entertaining. In the next version, you should integrate deck building and a card store. You could make use of the points that way as well. And once you hit a certain point threshold, that's when really good cards get unlocked. And to make the game longer, you should be able to play other people on NG in an MMO sort of way. THAT would be spectacular.


wow man!!!!!

this just outright blew my mind..... for a couple minutes at least, the games concepts and cards were right on the money (except for the lack of zombies and Cthulu) could really use more cards though, including Cthulu. i mean COME ON MAN, ITS CTHULU!!!!

and also to my understanding, is the entire concept of the game just two random guys, standing around in the street, summoning hell on each other and blowing each others faces of?