Reviews for "The Necronomicon 2.0"

Interesting card game.

The game mechanics are interesting and fun, and the game would be even more awesome if only there were more cards. But this is obvious for every card game.

The matches are challenging enough to keep people playing, and the gameplay is more than good.

My opinion is that this game deserves a well-earned 8.


i think you shall be a god of games because this game is absolutly awesome! this game should be not just the most popular in newgrounds but every game website in the world!

well done my freind well done


my fav card is dark retural!


i love this game, could someone could make this a real card game and make one hell of a lot of money.

Great game!

Was quite entertaining, I could see this being made as a social card game to play with friends. Does anyone know if there's more games like this on newgrounds?