Reviews for "The Necronomicon 2.0"


great game. needs more cards in higher levels.

cool game

I spend many many hours on this ! 10

Really good

Nice mechanics and good art and sound. It was a bit low on strategic thinking, especially in the challenges, some of which seemed to consist only of the AI not drawing any damage cards. I really miss a deck builder, if only to see what's in my deck. In the challenges I guess that was part of the game, but in the story mode it was hard to tell whether to hope for a top decking or just quit. Enabling such planning ahead would even further increase the value of an already great game.


Damn it, it's about time someone did Lovecraft justice with a tribute such as this. I've played this game since it first appeared, and only now did I think to leave a comment. Plowking - good job.
Good graphics, creepy background music and drive-you-nuts challenges make this one wicked card game.
Any other games in the works?

Very good game

I love card games. Ever since MTG, I loved card games. and this one is rather good!!

Kudos :)