Reviews for "The Necronomicon 2.0"

The first time I ever played this game was actually during a power outage on a laptop. the perfect environment for the Lovecraft universe, right? I'll be up front and admit my knowledge on the Lovecraft mythos is limited aside from Cthulu and Colors from Space.
Now, onto why I'm actually reviewing this- recently a friend of mine got addicted to the game 'Elements' (a flash game that plays remarkably similar to this). Reminded of that stormy night months ago (I believe sometime last October or November; why I didn't review this then is beyond me), I desperately searched the Portal for this game.
As I thought, it was as fun and unique as it had been when I first played it. The creatures were horrific, and the struggle to stay sane as I battled my opponent was still as fast paced as ever. The graphics are nice, too.
Overall, a nice time killer and I highly recommend.

Nice card game :)

every year and I come back to this game. Have you made this into a an actual card game?

cool story bro and good game just a bit more to work on

Tham movie is awesom! 'Army of Darkness'.