Reviews for "The Necronomicon 2.0"

Very nice and very hard

no offense to u but i dont like card games but i kind of like this one but u could add
more cards. sory for low vote i dont like card games i give them 0 stars but this one is different.

All games Necronomicon have more than 5 stars from me. Must be idiot to not like a game like this ...

Very fun, entertaining and easy to learn.

I was really skeptical about this game - I mean, I never really was in the Cthulhu Mythos, I never really understood any of it, but I was bored and decided to give this game a try. I've played other TCGs like Yugioh, MTG: Planewalkers 2012, so it didn't take me a long time 'till I figured out how to play this one. And after I lost a few games, I got aggravated and decided to finish this game, no matter what. About 12 hours later (No, I wasn't playing it for 12 hrs straight!) I managed to beat this game. I have to say that I loved the strategy in it, and I have also to admit I had a lot of fun while playing it.
As someone pointed out before me, I also think the A.I. is making sometimes wrong decisions, for example when I play the Blackmail card, the A.I. decides to discard 'Goat of the Black Woods'. Why? It's the most powerful creature card in the whole deck.
Aside from the flawed A.I. my score is as follows:
Highest Arcane: 19; Highest Elder Sign: 13; Highest Taint: 20; Highest Attack: 28; Number of times Insane: 6; Final total score: 2765, Final Rank 30 - Great Cthulhu.

If you ever decide to make this game into a stand-alone and sell it, I'll make sure to buy a copy of it.

I give you a 10/10 and 5/5. You deserve it.

wonderful game

Better when you manage to skip a rank or two above your opponent.
I know challenge mode is suppose to be a challenge but for most of them it might as well be "game over, you lose, hahaha". 20 tries and I get 1 shot down.
Hope to see something similar in the future