Reviews for "Tom & Wade fight the spam"

Short and sweet.

Short, but really well done. Nice work! Made me laugh.

i had a tough day at work today...

and god-damnit this made it. Excellent job! :D

I hate spammers...

Anyhoo, the idea is great. Reminds me of some cheesy cartoon. That's a good thing. But where's the animation? If there was animation, it would be great. But too short.

Too short..

.... What's the meaning making flash like that.. Everyone wastes 15 se of their life watching this... Man try to make a good ending next time.. anymation is good buy try to be more realistic :) (moving parts of bodies etc..).. u need to try a lil harder to make it longer and have a ending with sense... I'am sorry if ur going to make a squell :P... looking up to it ^^.

i liked it but too short

i think it would have been better if you finished it, good work though, has proomise =)