Reviews for "Tom & Wade fight the spam"


Since everyone puts 7 I put 7 too! ... No seriously I mean it woulf be good if there was actual animation. Moving two characters around with not much to animate... well maybe if there is a sequel. I put 7 because everyone does it. And because it's for clock day.

Funny will there be a sequal

It was awesome hey will there be a sequal?

ArcadeRobot responds:

there could be now!

part 2

please make a war scene

Pretty good

It made me laugh to i guess its not too bad =]
Keep up the good work guys,
it could have been alot longer though

lol...but seriously

well it did make me lol, but i think you could've put alot more effort into it....although the bad animation adds to the humor...at least lip synched or drawn background would've been a nice touch