Reviews for "Tom & Wade fight the spam"

Damn Clock Crew...

I've never liked the clocks... Awesome Flash.

you... are... a.... GOD!!!!!!

thank you for posting that.
seriously, all the "crews" suck. they spam the portal, and force us to watch their crap.
anyone who say this and said, "hey that wasnt funny!" needs to shut up and think. no it wasnt funny, but thats not the point. the point id to stop this faggotry.
so...... people of Newgrounds... are we just going to stand here and let this continue?
if not, then come to my page, we can stop them together.

this flash.

is the greatest flash evar.


@WarpZone: where did you get that? o.o That is like, epic win...wow...the flash sucked btw.

The Vote is a Lie.

This was pathetic.
I'm making a note here: Epic Fail!
It's hard to understate my disappointment.

Newgrounds Flash Portal:
Everything by Everyone
So as to amuse us all
except for the Kitty Krew.

But it's no use blaming people for their bad flash
If you keep on flaming Tom will come kick your ass
So bad flashes get through, we can't blam the Kitty Krew
Cuz you people are all voting five

I actually liked it...
I'm using irony right now,
even though your flash survived submission.

It gave me a seizure!
And made me throw up. And hurt my eyes.
But if I say anything,
soon my account will be dead.

There's no point in voting with you morons online
I'll be called a hater, I get that all the time
So before you internetters yell "u no can has do betterz"
Note the people who are voting five

And believe me, they are voting five!
I just got frontpage cuz they're voting five!
I'm dissing Newgrounds and they're voting five!

Voting five!

Voting five.