Reviews for "Tom & Wade fight the spam"

Funny, but

That was it? There's not much to it. The dialog was funny and good voice acting, but you could have done a lot more with it.

..What the...

Rofl... That was awesome, great job, So short, but for some reason hilarious

Fuck yeah

Thats ace. Nice work =]

Haha cool!

Was that really newgrounds HQ? good job if it was photoshopped? =D
lmao good flash btw, I had no idea wade fulp ...'swung south, that way'
kinda risky submitting right in the middle of clock day tho isnt it?
if you had released this just seconds before it would have been perfect!

Pretty funny

I could totally imagine seeing something just like this in South Park. Nice job on the dramatic dialogue and the starship trooper dude.