Reviews for "Tom & Wade fight the spam"


I wish he could beat them

Expected better quality.

Good things:
1) Interesting character design, looks promising.
2) Nice "depth of field" effect.
Bad things:
1) Too short.
2) Although characters looks well, they don't move arms, don't articulate (where is lipsync?). This looks very bad, because character doesn't look "alive", they are talking in same way as when kids play with toy soldier - figure moving around, but pose doesn't change.
3) When other character goes to the door, you don't see his back! How often real people walk backwards?

I expected more from a movie on the front page.

Uh... Front Page? Really?

Honestly, this seems to show a complete lack of any real effort at all. As someone else mentioned, it's essentially just two static pictures moving on a static background. This would not have been as noticeable were it not for that fact that there wasn't a hint of lips moving at all. The art was pretty good, but it's subpar in the animation department.


i totally agree witth the fighting spammers theme and all.
but the animation was weak. it was just two pictures being moved back and forth to the audio with a background. and the end was really abrupt. REALLY abrupt.


rather ironic that the flash about fighting spam, is in fact spam it self... im sure manny ( or few) appriciate the effort, but this just sucked to much to make a difference.

ArcadeRobot responds:

it is ironic and thats funny