Reviews for "Tom & Wade fight the spam"


This SOOOOOOOOOOO reminds me of south park!

You make small harmless yet annoying things into something serious, over dramatic and well funny!
Well done SIR!!!!!!!!!! :P

We're doomed.

Jesus christ. It's happening... Good thing I was prepared for this day! *Grabs his anti-spam gear" LETS KICK ASS!!!1

Also, great flash, keep it up, bla, bla, bla.

no fighting but still good

it was funny and a good idea but no fighting

Could be a great movie.

Its very dramatic and for that it makes up the shortness of it. It was also a unique way to have them talk. ;)


that wasn't half bad.
good animation, voice acting was decent, and the timeing was alright.
I have to say I'm not fond of the clocks but when they rely put their minds to it they can make some good flash.
well done.